Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust to Braces After Their Orthodontist Visit

If your child has an upcoming appointment with a Mission Viejo Orthodontist for brace installation, you may be wondering what you can do to ease the process. After all, it can be difficult to get used to life with braces, and the last thing you probably want to see is your little one struggling with the adjustment. Here’s a collection of helpful things you can do for your child to make their lives a little easier after getting braces. 

Encourage them to talk to their orthodontist.

If your child has any questions or concerns for their orthodontist, allow them the chance to voice their thoughts to their orthodontist. Not only will doing so arm them with more information about the procedure, but it can also help calm down any frazzled nerves. Also, speaking to a professional is a great way to manage your child’s expectations so they can get a realistic idea of what life will be like during and after braces. 

Discuss how braces may affect their eating habits.

Most kids usually don’t have to think too hard about what they’re eating. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true or healthy for kids with braces. That’s because there are some big no-no foods for braces wearers that should be avoided at all times, most of which include foods that are chewy or tough to bite into. A good way to ease your child into this change of diet is to talk to them about what foods they should stay away from so you can be sure that they are being responsible with their food choices when you’re not around. You could also make the adjustment process easier by only buying and serving them food that is easy for braces wearers to chew. 

Instill strong hygiene habits.

Many kids struggle with braces because they require serious amounts of maintenance and hygiene care. For some kids, the time-consuming process of cleaning and brushing braces can become a boring chore that they’re often tempted to skip over. You can try to encourage your kids to stick to their dental hygiene routine by teaching them what good hygiene while wearing braces entails and monitoring them to make sure they are following the cleaning instructions their Mission Viejo Orthodontist provided them with. 

Listen to their pain levels.

Pain and discomfort are common after getting braces. Luckily, these aches can be soothed with painkillers, ice packs, or even ice cream. If your child is complaining about any sort of discomfort after getting their braces in, listen to their complaints so you can take the appropriate steps to provide them with some pain relief. If the pain does not subside and continues to persist, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with your Mission Viejo dentist.

Be supportive.

Lastly, don’t forget to be a supportive parent! Getting braces is hard on kids for so many reasons. Whether it’s because they’re embarrassed about how they look, the braces hurt, or they’re tired of the constant upkeep; it’s entirely possible that your child might be a little fed up with their new accessory. If that’s the case, provide them with a safe space they can vent and express themselves without fear of being shamed. Support your children, and remind them that their feelings are valid and braces are only temporary! 

Braces are certainly a big lifestyle change for kids, but it’s possible to make the adjustment a little easier for everybody involved. Just remember to talk to your orthodontist, help them with their diet and hygiene, and listen to their emotional and physical concerns, and you should be set for a more pleasant transition into the life of braces. 

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