Reasons Why Holistic Dentistry is Better

In these last few years, “holistic care” has become a healthcare vogue word. However, at Aria Dental, this phrase isn’t just a flash in the pan buzzword. It’s our assurance to assist you in obtaining lifelong health and wellness.

Continue reading below to learn what it means to take a holistic approach to dentistry; and why opting for holistic dental‌ ‌implants‌ ‌in our Mission‌ ‌Viejo‌ clinic will help you maintain your teeth for longer and get the healthy, beautiful smile you are worthy of. 

Difference Between Holistic Dental Care vs. Traditional Dental Care

To comprehend the advantages of a holistic dentist’s approach, particularly our ‌‌dental‌ ‌implants‌ ‌in Orange‌ ‌County‌, you must first be aware of the difference between holistic and conventional dental care‌ before considering zirconia implants.

Conventional Dentistry: It is usually a “drill and fill” approach. A dentist will treat negative symptoms affecting a patient’s teeth and gums, trying to put an end to the symptom from happening. 

Holistic Dentistry: It’s more focused on creating systems rather than symptoms. It Concentrates on the underlying issues that are bringing about symptoms in your mouth, trying to get rid of those problems and prevent symptoms from happening at all. Guarantees that your dental care does not have any adverse effects on the entire body’s health and well-being. 

This is a simple model of how a conventional dentist and a holistic dentist work differently in their treatment approach:

Conventional Dentistry

If you’re experiencing tooth decay, a conventional dentist will probably recommend you begin using an electric toothbrush and may even get a crown implant if the tooth is severely damaged. 

Holistic Dentistry

A holistic dentist may make the same suggestion but will also look at other lifestyle factors that might be partly responsible for the problem and need to be managed, such as your diet, sleep patterns, or hormonal changes.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Help You Keep Healthy Teeth For Life?

Take a look at some of the particular ways a holistic method of care works to boost your dental and whole-body health. 

Provides high-tech, minimally-invasive treatments

Selecting a holistic dentist does not signify going without high-tech treatments. As a matter of fact, it’s the other way around. Holistic dentistry is more concentrated on modern, minimally-invasive technologies and treatments.

A holistic dentist looks at your entire well-being rather than only what’s happening inside your mouth. This means a holistic dentist will knuckle down on helping you avoid unnecessary, painful, and drawn-out procedures that hurt your overall well-being and produce sub-par results.

At Aria Dental, we use the most up-to-date dental technology and minimally-invasive treatments to help you maintain your natural teeth for longer and keep a beautiful, healthy smile.

Our modern care consists of:

  • Laser treatments to treat gum disease more effectively (and without surgery)
  • Advanced 3D digital x-rays
  • High-tech Orange County dental implants
  • Same-day crown technology

Utilizes Only Biocompatible and Non-Toxic Materials

One of the most conventional dentistry methods is to use dangerous mercury (amalgam) fillings or crowns and other harmful materials when treating dental issues. These can have adverse effects on your whole-body health. A holistic dentist, at any rate, will always use non-toxic and biocompatible materials to make sure the treatment never has dangerous impacts on the rest of your body.

Other (exceptional) materials are available that are safe for your body, durable, and look great. For instance, the toxic effects of mercury have been known for over 2,000 years. However, for some reason, many traditional dentists still insist on putting this material in your mouth! There’s no excuse for this!

Maryam Horriyat is a member of the International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). She has extensively studied the damage mercury and other toxins put on the body. That’s why at Aria Dentristy, all our dental treatments are designed to safely and effectively repair your teeth and promote lifelong health.

At Aria Dental, we only use:

  • Sterile tools
  • Metal and mercury-free fillings and crowns
  • Non-toxic resin
  • Treatment materials are 100% biocompatible with the human body
  • Composite fillings designed to match the color of your natural teeth and last for years

Cares for you as a whole person, focusing on the root cause

Similar to your care at your general practitioner, teaming up with your dentist to make up a care and treatment plan designed to pinpoint your specific requirements will consistently deliver the same excellent results.

Regrettably, many traditional dentists never go to the effort of getting acquainted with their patients apart from their mouth and so can never offer the tailor-made level care they are entitled to. 

Holistic dentistry does what other types of dentistry do not: concentrate on treating you as a whole person and examining your health from all aspects. This type of care takes a remarkably preventive approach and always puts looking beyond symptoms first to discover the root cause of your dental problems. 

At Aria Dental, we always think about your complete physical and emotional health when preventing, diagnosing, and treating tooth and gum issues. As a team, we will do the following for you:

  • Build a partnership designed around your particular health requirements
  • Design a dental care plan directed at optimizing your whole-body health
  • Permit you to participate in care and prevent issues
  • Help you obtain healthy teeth and gums for life!

Gives a harmony between cosmetics and function for long-lasting results

If you have missing, crooked, or damaged teeth, you may be self-conscious, and it could affect your quality of life. However, achieving perfect-looking teeth doesn’t mean they will last longer if they aren’t working correctly. 

Holistic care takes an equilibrium mode to both form and function of your mouth, thinking about these two factors when developing a dental care plan and offering treatment. 

For instance, if you’re worried about stained teeth, a holistic dentist may provide a whitening treatment while also offering guidance on what foods and beverages to reduce if you want to refrain from future stains or other dental problems. 

At Aria Dental, we consider function and form are closely associated. We are a committed and hard-working team of holistic dentists that have achieved excellent cosmetic results by helping you manage your dental and whole-body health. Contact Aria Dental at (949) 364-9600 to set up your next holistic dental visit.

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