Methods Used by Orthodontists in Mission Viejo To Relieve The Effects of Malocclusions

When one hears the word dentist, an image immediately pops into our heads. However, just like doctors can specialize in certain aspects of the human body, dentists can also specialize in certain aspects of your oral health. Orthodontists are one of those specializations, one many Americans are familiar with. Misalignment of the teeth and jaws is fairly common, with almost 50 percent of the population having some sort of misalignment that needs to be checked. Here are some methods that the orthodontist in Mission Viejo uses to help those who need some sort of realignment.

Malocclusions, or the misalignment of the upper and lower dental arches, vary in severity between people. This means that the methods used will also vary. The most well known of these methods are braces. Usually placed on the front side of the teeth, braces use force to slowly push teeth apart or pull them closer together to close a gap. Orthodontists use braces made of stainless steel or porcelain, which are then bonded to teeth using a special adhesive. How long braces stay on depends on the person, and how well they follow the instructions of their specialist. On average, though, they remain on for about 1 to 3 years. 

Another method of treatment is the use of orthodontic headgear. Made popular through media, headgear is usually used alongside braces. While the braces work to realign the teeth, headgear works to realign the jaws, or in some cases molars. Headgear works by exerting pressure on the braces via hooks, coils, or bands. They are most effective on children and teenagers, as their jaws are constantly developing and are easily manipulated. In these cases, Maryam Horiyat DDS, a dentist in Mission Viejo Ca recommends headgear to treat problems that younger jaws may develop, such as overbites or underbites. 

Finally, in the cases of severe malocclusions, jaw surgery will be the route to go to correct the issues. This method requires the breaking of the bone during surgery, in order for it to then be stabilised using titanium plates and screws so healing can begin. After the surgery, regular methods are used to move the teeth into their final position. 

Post treatment work shouldn’t be taken lightly. Over 50 percent of patients tend to have some reversion after their procedures within 10 years, which is why wearing your retainer is very important. Orthodontists will provide retainers, either fixed or removable, once treatment is done, in order to make sure their patients’ teeth and jaws remain aligned.  

Hearing bad news from our dentist is never fun. However, it is always in our best interest to follow the recommendations of professionals. Seeing an orthodontist may sound scary, but there is a very good reason to. It is the duty of the orthodontist in Mission Viejo to make sure your teeth are in a healthy alignment. Pain can be common in people with malocclusions, but they also lead to a lower quality of life. Social anxiety and emotional insecurity are common among those affected by malocclusions. If you know you are experiencing the effects of malocclusions, don’t hesitate. Take back your smile and visit your local orthodontist.  

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