It’s no secret that it takes a great deal of focus and adjustment to get used to the changes that wearing braces can bring you. However, just because it can be challenging doesn’t mean it has to be miserable for you. There are ways to make the days of wearing braces much more manageable for yourself, and it just so happens that an orthodontist from Mission Viejo has some tips laid out for your convenience. Let’s take a look at some of these tips, shall we?

Food and Drink

One of the first things you’re going to want to do, even before you get braces, is to choose food that can be eaten easily with braces. Avoid foods like chips, popcorn, or any other hard, sweet, or sticky candy if you want to preserve the integrity of your braces. Take a trip to the grocery store and see about getting yourself soups, pasta, and other types of food that aren’t likely to get caught up in your braces or its wiring. This way, you mitigate damaging your braces, injury to yourself, and extra expenses on repairs.

Pain and Sensitivity

According to a dentist in Mission Viejo, it’s going to take time for your mouth to adjust as your braces move your teeth from their original position to an aligned one. Because of this, you should definitely inquire about some over-the-counter pills or medicine that can help you deal with the pain. Please consult with your orthodontist, as they should most definitely have what you need to cope with the new sensations. Don’t worry, as such sensations don’t last long, and you will eventually get used to them.


For those who are getting their braces well into their teen years, you might want to consult with your orthodontist about getting a mouthguard before you get your braces. Whether you’re having a blast playing baseball, soccer, basketball, or even football, you’re going to need something to protect your mouth whenever accidents occur. One accidental hit by a co-player or by one of the many different balls involved in your sport can make a nasty cut on your mouth or damage the structure of your braces. So make sure you have adequate gear to protect your mouth from such accidents. 


There are many ways that you can prepare before or just after you get your braces, so make sure you squeeze your orthodontist in Mission Viejo for as many details as possible. They work to make the alignment of your teeth as convenient and as comfortable for you as possible, so use this to your advantage.

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