How To Choose An Oral Surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca

Looking for a good oral surgeon In Mission Viejo Ca or Laguna Niguel? 

Nowadays, it is considerably hard to find the right oral surgeon for you. There are several dentists available, however, you always wonder which is best out of them all.

One of the best oral surgeons in Mission Viejo ca is in Aria Dental. There you will find all the services you need as well as 24-hour service for urgent care.  

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Usually, a dental oral surgeon can perform the following surgeries:

  •  Improve the fit of dentures
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  •  Dental Implants
  •  Snoring/sleep apnea
  • Unequal jaw growth
  • Facial injury repair
  •  Facial infections
  • Impacted teeth removal
  •  Cleft lip and cleft palate repair

Dental Implants

If you are suffering from a missing tooth, dental implants are today’s most used treatment. A new tooth will be replaced as a substitute for the lost one.

The implant is done through a tiny titanium rod that is placed on the area of the missing tooth. The small titanium serves as a natural root. Accordingly, we guarantee that the health of your jawbone is maintained, giving you the freedom to bite and chew naturally. As soon as the dental implant is securely placed, the surgeon would pose the replacement tooth so that it connects with the dental implant. Consequently, it will feel natural, and it will also have a natural look.

 Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is commonly used in oral surgery procedures. It will contribute to running the procedures smoothly, giving you a pleasant experience. Sedation differs from one person to another.  That is why our surgeons will need to examine you before going through surgery. There will also be specific medication prescribed by our professional surgeons.

 Emergency Dental Care  

There is always a 24-hour urgent care in Aria Dental care, especially for our current patients. In case of any dental emergency, you can always consult us through a phone call. Our agents will connect you with one of our professional surgeons.

 How to choose your oral surgeon?

It is hard to choose your oral surgeon. You always find difficulty in choosing the ideal oral surgeon; however, there are some elements that you should consider as you choose your surgeon which are the level of experience as well as the recommendations.

Also, you will have to consider some other factors such as:

 A recommendation from your dentist

You can always ask your dentist in Laguna Niguel or Mission Viejo to recommend a qualified surgeon to visit. Most of them are well-aware of the best surgeons nearby. So, you can always consider your doctor’s referrals before making a decision.

Level of training and experience

You will find a professional doctor who is well experienced in his field. It is better to make sure that he has had numerous experiences in the same procedure you are having.

A recommendation from a friend

You can always consider one of your friend’s opinions, especially if he/she went through the same issue.

Awards and Certifications

A good surgeon would probably have any awards or accolades. You can always check if your surgeon is a member of any organization.


A dentist’s reputation is everything. You can always look for comments and reviews on your intended oral surgeon.  

Payment plans

Check out the payment plans of your oral surgeon. Make sure that it fits with your budget. If you have insurance, see that it covers your procedure. 

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