Habits To Avoid According To The Dentist in Laguna Niguel

Bad Habits To Deal With

Keeping your teeth clean is always something you should keep at the forefront of your mind, but avoiding habits that could ruin the diligent work you put in to keep it that way can also help. Bad habits can come in many forms, and often, we perform these unintentionally. According to a dentist in Laguna Niguel, to maintain your oral health, here are some bad habits to avoid, along with tips on how to deal with them.

Too much brushing pressure

There’s no doubt that brushing your teeth is vital. However, should you brush with too much force and pressure, you run the risk of damaging your teeth. Not only that. You could wind up damaging the protective enamel of your teeth and could even cause your gums to bleed, wearing them down and thus destroying the integrity of your teeth as a whole. 

Less Water Intake

Whenever you drink fluids, you should remember that it’s not just your body that is getting rehydrated, but also your mouth as well. Having saliva is nothing but a boon to your mouth, but many problems may arise when it lacks. Without enough saliva, the enamel of your teeth will erode quickly, leading to teeth decaying without their natural protection. Aside from its buffering role, saliva also helps dilute sugars and other chemicals from our food. It also aids in tissue repair and remineralization of the enamel with calcium and phosphates. Getting enough of your daily water requirement is key in preventing this problem from even burgeoning, so make sure you get your water and then some.


According to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, plaque can be the beginning of the end for many of a person’s teeth if left unchecked. The problem can become greatly exacerbated if you are smoking. Plaque weakens the enamel of your teeth and damages your gums. On top of creating plaque, smoking may increase your risk of getting oral cancer, leading to another wide host of issues if you’re not careful.

Nail Biting

This is a fairly common bad habit, but no less a devastating one all the same. Aside from damaging the structure of your nails, constant nail-biting will also erode or damage your enamel. 


Many everyday bad habits can do some serious damage to your teeth, so consciously taking steps to avoid them can go a long way in preventing any oral health complications. So long as you view these warnings from the oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA, with prudence, preserving the integrity of your teeth won’t be an issue. 

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